Membership Agreement

Article 1 [General rules]
THE SUITE (hereinafter referred to as "salon") provides many private rooms that other clubs do not have at present. With a brand-new concept, it is a private salon that only accepts certified members, so that every distinguished member can enjoy high-quality private time and luxurious space in the salon. We provide a suitable space for celebrities in society to relax in peace. This agreement is related to the general management of the salon, and members must agree to and abide by this agreement when joining the club. Please also note that parts of this Agreement may be changed and modified as needed, and temporary rules may be added as appropriate.
Article 2 [Operations]
This salon is operated by Suite Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").
Article 3 [Eligibility for Membership]
Those who agree with the purpose of the salon and meet the following conditions can apply for membership in the manner prescribed by the salon.

・Group store introduction ・A person with social reputation and financial stability ・Member introduction or recommendation ・A person who meets the above conditions and can maintain a gentleman's demeanor.
Article 4 [Criteria for Membership Examination]
Listed companies, outstanding corporate representatives and cadres, outstanding individual industrial and commercial households. Membership audits are reviewed by directors appointed by the company and reviewed by an audit committee. We may check guest usage at other franchise stores. Please note that the company will reject applications from guests who have caused trouble at the franchise in the past.
Article 5 [Admission Review]
When applying for membership, the salon's audit committee will conduct a membership review. The results of the review will be notified to applicants within a few days. The review is conducted according to the standards established by this salon. Please note that the applicant cannot dispute the result for any reason.
Article 6 [Registration Fee]
Membership fees for this salon are detailed in a separate document. Please pay the membership fee on your first visit. A temporary membership card and a receipt will be issued upon payment of the membership fee. Once payment is made and the registration process is completed, the refund of the membership fee can only be made with the permission of the salon. However, no refunds will be given for any reason whatsoever if the member hinders the operation of this salon.
Article 7 [Membership Validity Period]
This salon is for permanent membership. However, if the member does not come to the store within 1 year, 10,000 yen (excluding consumption tax) will be charged as a re-registration fee for the security authentication system at the entrance.
Article 8 [About the use of this salon]
When using this salon, the guest will not be able to enter if the member is not present.
Article 9 [Revocation of Membership]
If a member's behavior violates the membership agreement of this salon or damages the reputation of this salon and other members, the salon will give a warning. When the member ignores the warning and does not make improvements, the membership will be revoked. Membership will also be canceled if any false information is found in the application materials. When the member's registration information (contact information, address) is changed, please go through the change procedures in time. Please note that failure to update registration details can also be a reason for membership revocation.
Article 10 [Withdrawal]
Members can apply to withdraw from membership at any time. However, according to the rules of the club, the membership fee will not be refunded within 10 years of membership. An additional fee of JPY 30,000 (excluding consumption tax) will be charged for the withdrawal procedure. In this case, the withdrawal execution fee and the membership fee cannot be offset against each other. When withdrawing from membership, we will require members to come to the salon to verify identity and undergo vein verification. At that time, we will submit the necessary matters stipulated by the company and the receipt of the deposit for the membership fee in writing. After the withdrawal procedure is approved by THE SUITE Operating Committee, the withdrawal procedure will be completed.
Article 11 [Introduction and Recommendation]
Members can introduce and recommend suitable friends to become new members of this salon.
Article 12 [Dress Code]
T-shirts, shorts, sandals, cargo pants, ripped jeans and other casual clothing are not permitted. Please wear a blazer when you enter the salon.
Article 13 [Appointment of Directors]
The Suite Operations Committee selects socially and economically influential guests as directors from among its members. After a rigorous review, the company will appoint 2 directors from the political sector, 6 directors from the business sector, 1 director from the legal sector, and 1 director each from the sport and cultural sectors. As a director, directors promise to improve the quality of this salon and cooperate with its operation. In addition, the company would like to receive various opinions on this salon from the directors, and the company will improve the operation according to the opinions. The term of office of a director is one year from the date of inauguration. Directors may recommend other members to become new directors upon retirement. All directors' information will be kept confidential.
Article 14 [Special Matters]
No visit or entry is allowed in the salon. If the member is in the same industry, once found, the salon will revoke the membership. Membership will also be revoked if a member invites into the salon knowing that a companion is engaged in the same business. In addition, if a member or a companion is found to be a sociopath, the salon will deprive the member of membership.