About our salon

Our company has built it for a quarter
of a century since our founding.
Japan's most famous CLUB CHICK GROUP.
We propose a completely new style of social gathering.

It is a private membership salon with two faces.


The private rooms of various styles create an elegant and luxurious space.

First of all, we offer a variety of private rooms of different styles. You can enjoy high-quality hospitality and time at this private club.
To meet the needs of distinguished guests in different fields, such as executives, bosses, political and business guests, etc., we provide private gathering places that are not disturbed by others, we provide you with our selection of ladies, so that you can have a happy time with peace of mind.
Secondly, after the business hours of the private club, we operate in the form of nightclubs to meet the needs of different guests. The private rooms are equipped with large TVs and projectors. Enjoy your happy hour by singing karaoke or watching sports with friends in your private room.

The security system and the internal environment are well designed.
The vein identification system used by the Pentagon in the United States is installed at the entrance, and all private rooms are equipped with the most advanced ventilation system introduced for the first time in Japan.

Offers you an elegant and luxurious private space to relax and unwind in safety.

THE SUITE - Only available to certified VIPs.
A private salon for true social gatherings

With the latest ventilation system,
indoor air can be changed in 5 minutes

First introduced in Japan

The private salon with independent rooms ensures that every guest can enjoy themselves at ease.

For customers coming from overseas

Guests who visit THE SUITE are elite businessmen, wealthy people and politicians, and we are a place for social gatherings to expand personal connections as well as for entertainment.

At THE SUITE, we place the utmost importance on suitably selecting the many beautiful Japanese women in our establishment. Let guests spend an elegant time in a gorgeous and extraordinary space.

To satisfy wine enthusiasts, we maintain a stock of 1,500 bottles comprised of 200 kinds of wines and champagnes carefully selected by sommeliers.

Particularly for those who know luxury, a special time spent at THE SUITE will be an unforgettable memory.

Whether for private or business, experience Japanese culture and hospitality when hosting important guests.